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Today is Your Day: A Message for Runners from P. Mark Taylor

Today is your day.  Rain or shine, come what may, today is your day.  You are going to rock it!

If your training plan says rest, take the time that you would normally be running to relax and enjoy life.  Visit with a friend, take a walk in the woods, curl up with a book, … whatever it is that helps you smile, do it.

If today is an easy or long run day, go out of your way to find a peaceful green setting where the birds are singing.  Soak in the sounds and smells of nature as you enjoy the run.

If today is a speed work day, warm up gently & work on flexibility before you start.  During the speed work, relax your body.  Feel the energy surging through you as you go faster and faster.  Stay relaxed and the speed will come to you.

If today is a tempo run or fartlek, focus on the sound of your feet as you get up to your goal pace.  Let the rhythm of your feet become soothing, like the clickety-clack of a train as it steadily moves down the line.

Yes, today is your day.  It was meant to be enjoyed and that is just what you are going to do.

Relax.  Enjoy the run!


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