Happy Dance! Mutual Encouragement & The Gift of Running

When I visited the www.DailyMile.com this morning to log the 15.3 miles I had just run, I saw that I had a message waiting for me.  Here is what Kim had to tell me:

“Hey just wanted to say thanks for publishing a great book! Your words gave me enough courage to sign up for my 1st race and I ended up having a great time!! Thanks again!”

My first reaction was. “How cool is that!  The book had the intended effect on at least one person!”  My second thought was about Kim.  Today she needs to hear one more message from me to reinforce what she learned from my book.

I replied to her message with this:

“Awesome! Glad you had a great time. Runners rock! …and you are a runner. :)

This whole interaction is an example of what I say in the book about the community of runners.  It is less about competition with each other and more about mutual encouragement.  The competition is with yourself, to be the best that you can be.

Kim is rocking the run.  She learned that racing is a fun thing because runners rock.

Then, Kim decided to send a letter of thanks and encouragement to me.  I returned the favor because (1) she rocks & (2) she needs to know it.

I fell in love with running a long time ago, but I have since learned to love and appreciate runners just as much as the running.  […which is a pretty big deal because I’m very introverted…]

To Kim I send out a big “Thank you!”  You certainly made my day.  You are why I do this blog and write books about running.

To all of you runners out there.  You rock too.
I look forward to meeting you some day.  :)

Train hard, race easy, & enjoy the run.
P. Mark Taylor


The Gift of Running is now available in both paperback & e-book

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